How do you take you coffee?

Coffee is an increasing popular drink, overtaking tea as the national drink. Coffee shops seem to be everywhere, with outlets in the high street, in book shops and libraries, in […]

The Sharps Terminator is a new(ish) product that is to all intents a reworking of slightly older technologies which aimed to put sharps destruction onto the desktop. We have discussed these […]

There have been several reports recently, from at least 4 different countries including the UK, of teenagers and others sneaking into hospitals and other places where alcohol hand rub dispensers […]

It is becoming increasingly common to downplay or overlook completely the possibility of bloodborne virus infection after sharps injury or other blood or bloodstained body fluid exposure. The low incidence of […]

Sounding more like a troublesome consequence of prostitution, ‘occupational syphilis’ has been recorded in a recent report from the US. Previous reports have described many cases of occupational syphilis in […]

Cockroach infestation

In the period since Christmas, I have twice noted heavy and widespread cockroach infestation in and around the clinical waste storage area of large hospitals, and once more in the lean-to […]

It’s that time of year again, and most regions are reporting massive increases in winter vomiting (Norovirus) virus outbreaks. Norovirus is a particularly infectious agent. It is transmitted directly from person to person […]

Concern in Hartlepool about several backstreet tattooists operating there. “Several investigations have recently been carried out in Hartlepool into unregistered tattoo and piercing businesses operating out of private homes. “Those […]

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has reported that West Street Dental Practice in Congleton is not meeting the essential standard and must improve. Key failures were in cleanliness and infection […]

Hospital ancillary staff in Queensland’s public hospitals are expected to ramp up industrial action in their fight for a better pay deal. New bans on a range of patient services will […]

It is a general rule, predicated on safety, that once an item has been placed into a clinical waste container then no attempt should be made to retrieve it. Even with […]

Essential hand care

Hand care – quite distinct from the equally important hand hygiene – is an essential requirement for healthcare professionals and for waste handlers alike. Good standards of glove use and […]

PPE for waste handlers

PPE for waste handlers is a somewhat thorny subject – many do not wear it, even when it is provided while others, many others, assume that a corporate sweatshirt or […]

The Hospital Infection Society is presently reviewing the penultimate draft of its guidance document “Guidelines for the Management of Norovirus Outbreaks in Acute and Community Health and Social Care Settings”. […]

Correct glove use and associated hand hygiene are undoubtedly primary health and safety issues for all of those working right across the waste industries, and for those handling clinical and […]

Blenkharn Environmental and the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum have long recognised the importance of hand hygiene for waste handlers, and the current deficiencies in hand hygiene performance. Last updated: Friday, […]

Hand rub dose

Alcohol hand rubs are widely used in healthcare and are finding their way into the catering and waste management sectors also. They are fast, convenient, simple to use and more […]


Since the beginning of November 2010, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has recorded 43 outbreaks of norovirus infection in hospitals. Of these, 39 have led to ward closures. Last updated: Thursday, […]