How do you take you coffee?

Coffee is an increasing popular drink, overtaking tea as the national drink. Coffee shops seem to be everywhere, with outlets in the high street, in book shops and libraries, in rail stations and airports, and in our hospitals.

In those hospitals, the delivery bays that may receive clinical supplies, sterile goods and pharmaceuticals as well as food items are often shared with waste stores to facilitate vehicle movements across the site. However, this creates an often unacceptable mix ‘n match exemplified in these few pictures captured today at a typical district hospital.

Not only is the delivery bay separated just by a wire fence from the clinical waste storage area suggesting considerable movement of carts through the area where foods are being unloaded but someone thinks it acceptable:

  1. to leave clinical waste carts outside the secure area, and
  2. to badly overload those carts



These hygiene failures often go unseen as regulators and monitors concentrate on the obvious kitchen hygiene standards and front-of-house hygiene in clinical areas. Unfortunately, they are all too common.

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