tissue waste

Now and again, there are difficult clinical waste items to dispose. Often causing some friction between producer and waste management company, these wastes may have unusual characteristics of a mixed […]

More on the case of the widow of a US army soldier who died in combat and from whom some body parts once recovered after the incident and from immediate […]

Sadly, the world continues to witness war and conflict, and in consequence the death toll on every side continues to climb. Each one an individual, a father or son, a mother, […]

Resomation, the solubilisation of tissues in a heated potassium hydroxide solution, is the subject of  a substantial PR campaign aimed at gaining public acceptance and regulatory approval for the disposal of […]

Tissue waste disposal is a sometimes difficult issue, since patients may have their own view on disposal, perhaps of an amputated limb, or of a placenta, than do healthcare professionals. Last […]

The Chinese market for clinical waste management is massive but remains largely unexploited due to the problems associate with breaking into the Eastern market, of attitudes to safe disposal that […]

The disposal of placentas, or is that placentae?, is always something of a nuisance. There is an alternative: More local moms taking placentas home It may be processed and consumed […]