segregation errors

The beleaguered NHS wastes money with a passion but is nonetheless underfunded and chronically short of resources. Healthcare waste management reflects this, with much waste of material and cash resources […]

“Scripps Health and Sharp Memorial Hospital have settled separate civil lawsuits with the county District Attorney’s Office for improperly disposing medical and hazardous wastes, including human blood and tissue, in […]

Advertising flimflam is usually quite obvious. Bold and exaggerated claims and highly selective quotes clipped out of context are usually easy to spot. The law says much about the use […]

Tissue waste disposal is a sometimes difficult issue, since patients may have their own view on disposal, perhaps of an amputated limb, or of a placenta, than do healthcare professionals. Last […]

Northampton General Hospital claims savings of around £20,000 on clinical waste disposal through their initiatives to drive enhanced source segregation and exclude inapproriate items into clinical waste containers. “We’ve asked […]

RFID devices are not widely used in the UK clinical waste sector. Their potential is considerable, to identify and track individual waste containers, and provide a data framework for billing […]

What's in that sack?

In a short news report from Gulfport, South Mississippi, several biohazard bags placed into a roadside skip (dumpster) sparked a response from the local Fire & Rescue service. Last updated: […]

Sharps waste recycling, and indeed recycling of materials including ATT-processed plastics, latex and metals from non-sharps waste must be an environmentally sound option when compared with incineration alone. It is […]

Ever since the mis-guided reversal of colour coding for clinical wastes, from red/yellow/Tiger, to yellow/orange/Tiger there has been a plethora of minor publications concerning errors in waste segregation and proposing […]

HTM 07-01 recommends extensive segregation of waste and in their turn the Environment Agency expects that it will happen and penalises waste management operators if it doesn’t. That regulatory stance […]

Visiting today a highly regarded NHS Imaging (Radiology) Department – perhaps the biggest in London – I was able to see almost every room and treatment bay ranging from a wide […]

Clinical waste sack for railway litter collection

Some people will remember the appearance of yellow clinical waste sacks in litter bins on railway stations across central and eastern Scotland some years ago. Purchased by “mistake” – no […]

While the environmental pressure group Health Care Without Harm is supporting a group of US nurses to improve source segregation to minimise ‘red bag’ or clinical waste volumes, some tough […]

There are many impacts to errors in waste segregation and the failure to adequately separate individual waste streams. These include additional costs in disposal, materials  wastage, regulatory intervention and penalties […]