Medical waste protest

In the US and Canada, it is apparently illegal to stand still and protest. Instead, we witness the rather ridiculous snake of people walking almost aimlessly in a loop while they protest.

At least is shows commitment and effort.


The interviewee in this link is clear that this clinical (medical or healthcare) waste is a danger to their community. Perhaps they expect blood running down the road and giblets on the floor?

What is not recognised, quite obviously, is that the waste they are so concerned about is that same waste that sits in a red, orange or yellow waste sack in the corner of their hospital room or at locations throughout their ward, the clinic or GP surgery. In these location, they give it not a second thought. Nothing jumps out to attack them. With some straightforward common sense precautions, there is no risk.

And so it is at a waste processing site, whether incineration of ATT. A properly managed site creates no risk for residents ort he environment, though we would come down hard of any site not working safely, as is the purpose of a mandatory licensing process and regulatory oversight.

With a rational explanation, this protest and other protests at planning and licensing application can be pacified, and neutralised. This requires knowledge and understanding, and goes beyond the skill set of the waste industries.

But perhaps with a microbiologist, that’s where we come in ……




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