A collection of needle crimes and associated injuries

A day in the life of America’s low life catalogues a large number of needle incidents.

Here is just a few:

Thief Threatened Pharmacy Employee With Needle, Yelled “I Have AIDS”

A man who police say was caught stealing from a Pharmacy in Staten Island allegedly threatened to stab a store employee with what he said was an AIDS-infected hypodermic needle.

Frank Andolina, 47, allegedly made the threats at a CVS in Richmond Valley after he was caught putting medicine in a black backpack.



Hypodermic needle hidden inside Macy’s Lloyd Center restroom pricks shopper, $10,000 suit says

A 40-year-old shopper who claims he pricked his finger on a used hypodermic needle that was stuffed inside a toilet-seat-cover dispenser at the Lloyd Center Macy’s has filed a $10,000 lawsuit against the store.

Gene J. Summerfield suspects that an intravenous drug user left the needle in the dispenser sometime before he reached for the seat cover during a shopping trip last June 15, according to his attorney.

Summerfield pricked his middle finger on his left hand and sought medical attention, according to his suit filed Tuesday in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

He took prophylactic medication meant to prevent HIV and Hepatitis B and C — and suffered nausea, vomiting, headaches and chills and lived in fear for an extended period that he might contract a serious infectious disease, according to the suit.


Man shot needle at victim with homemade blow gun

Oklahoma City police arrested a 25-year-old man after they said he shot his former co-worker in the butt with a homemade blow gun earlier this month.

Police said the suspect, Justin Pace, had been relieved of his duties at Smith Staffing at 3601 N. May when he started blowing needles out of a straw.

The victim told police he “felt a pinch on his right butt cheek” and found a needle shot 3 inches into his skin.

The victim was sent to the hospital to receive a tetanus shot.



Woman robs Rite-Aid with hypodermic needle

Vermont police say they’ve caught the woman accused of using a hypodermic needle to hold up a store. Investigators say Mary Graves, 29, robbed the Rite-Aid at the Springfield Plaza Monday morning.

They say the Bellows Falls woman threatened to stab the clerk with a used needle unless she got cash. The clerk then handed over the money. Police say multiple tips led them to Graves just after 8 pm Monday.



In Scotland….

Dundee mum says needles ‘still lying around’

The mother of a young girl who was jabbed by a discarded syringe has called for more to be done to deal with drug problems in her area.

Louise Kerr, 37, says nothing has changed since her 10-year-old daughter, Tia Carty, was pricked by a used needle while playing near Americanmuir Road last May.

Tia must wait for up to a year since the event before she learns for sure if she has caught anything from the needle, and her mum says it will happen again unless something is done.

Louise said: “I’ve not seen any evidence anything more is being done to tackle the problem.

“When Tia’s story was first printed, I was given assurances there would be more teams of community workers checking the hotspots for needles.

“This hasn’t been happening as far as I’ve seen. I’m worried the council isn’t interested because it feels it is a battle it can’t win.”



In England….

Southampton Crown Court heard man brandished a syringe at supermarket security guard

SHOPLIFTER produced a hypodermic syringe when challenged by a security guard outside the premises, Southampton Crown Court heard. The drama happened in the car park of Tesco in Wimpson Lane.

Prosecutor Simon Edwards said that Thomas Amos was pursued by the guard, Simon Mulliner, who told him to stop. Amos then pulled out the needle and brandished it, threatening to stab bystanders.

Mr Mulliner shouted ‘Leave him, don’t touch him, he’s got a dirty needle’.

Amos was later arrested.

Judge Nicholas Rowland heard that only two days before the incident, Amos – who had previous convictions for burglary and theft – had been given a community sentence by magistrates.

Amos, 38, of Shelley Road, Totton, admitted threatening a person with an article that had a blade or point. He was jailed for six months.

In mitigation, Charles Cochand said that Amos had panicked after the needle had fallen from a pocket and grabbed it.



And in Australia….

Nervous wait for Lismore needle-stick victim

A lecturer from the Southern Cross University is on an accelerated course of treatment to prevent hepatitis infection after stepping on a discarded syringe.

Tregeagle man Mike Evans trod on the needle as he got out of his car in Lismore’s Kirkland’s Riviera carpark on Monday

Mr Evans said his life was now in limbo as he will have to wait six months to be sure he has not contracted HIV.

“Breaking the news to my wife, well she ended up in tears,” he said. “The shock has now sort of turned to anger, so I’m going through that process of finding out bad news. “Initially I was just annoyed, and then feeling sorry for myself, but now I’m just angry that such thoughtless people are around.”

The Lismore Mayor has called on all needle users to make sure they dispose of their syringes properly.


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