China’s emerging waste sector opportunities

China’s is a vast and largely untapped market. For the clinical and related waste sectors, there are many opportunities though in larger centers, large towns and most cities, an infrastructure exists though regulation is lacking and this shows in a lack of conformity in approach to waste handling, processing and end-disposal.

This creates many emerging waste sector opportunities that have been as yet untapped. Now, it has been announced that China’s first official plan for hazardous-waste control was released on Thursday.

Four ministries including the Environmental Protection Ministry have published the plan which aims to determine the exact amount and distribution of hazardous waste nationwide; to increase the level of standardized management; and to reduce the environmental risk it might bring by 2015.

Hazardous waste is waste generated during the improper operation, storage, transportation and disposal that poses a major threat to people’s health and the environment. Such material includes medical waste, chemical waste and heavy-metal waste.

According to the plan, a rough picture of the distribution of enterprises generating such waste was gained through the first national census on pollution sources in 2007.

Its a start, on a massive and complex project that will require expertise and energy in so many different areas. For those with expertise and equipment to sell, this is one to watch.



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