Scandal-hit NHS hospital bill could hit £400m as ‘fabric’ of new building needs changed

A whistleblower says the empty Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh needs substantial changes before taking patients.

A litany of design flaws at a hospital mothballed before it has even opened could see spiralling costs treble beyond £400million.

The ghost-ship Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh needs substantial changes before receiving patients, a whistleblower has revealed

Retired architect Robert Menzies, who was involved in the early design stages, has also flagged up problem areas which flout building regulations. He has informed the Health Secretary that NHS plans for open linen stores tucked in recesses rather than behind 30-minute fire doors and walls were illegal.

Menzies has also claimed the design team failed to create separate lifts for sterile supplies and clinical waste. He said this was “an absolute no-no” in health infection terms and had been pointed out repeatedly but not changed.

It seems at present that the Scottish newspapers and hospital unions love a good story and the opportunity to weave into it at every opportunity a mention of clinical wastes.

A dedicated lift for clinical wastes seems a great idea, to take pressure off lifts used for other purposes such as moving staff and patients, visitors, supplies, meals etc. But a call by dedicated lift is simply ridiculous and I wonder what experience or knowledge Mr Menzies has on such matters. As far as I can tell, nothing at all!

““an absolute no-no” in health infection terms” reveals his ignorance. He should shut up opining matters of which he has no knowledge and enjoy a quiet retirement.

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