Clinical waste community collections

Bracknell man raises fears over medical waste bins being left outside homes” is a newspaper report outline the fears of a resident concerned about clinical waste containers, sharps containers in particular, being left accessible to all on doorsteps to await collection.

It is certainly not a good situation,though we tend always to avert our eyes and minds to potential risks and aesthetic concerns since an effective solution is not so obvious and would undoubtedly be prohibitively costly.

Neither is this a new concern. We undertook an audit of Clinical wastes in the community – Local Authority management of clinical wastes from domestic premises. The results were not good, with much variation in the approach of different local authorities,some just about OK and others very poor indeed, failing to address the obvious safety implication and ignoring the needs of the elderly and infirm.

It has been 10 years since we undertook out audit of performance? Perhaps it is time we repeated this – watch this space.

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