FDA Approval of Sharps Terminator Needle Disposal Device

Sharps Terminator, LLC announced today that their flagship product, the Sharps Terminator® gained approval this week from the FDA for marketing in the US.

The Sharps Terminator® is a portable, re-chargeable needle destruction device designed to destroy hypodermic needles attached to syringes 18 – 27 gauge and up to two inches in length in less than three seconds. It is a Class III medical device regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


The device has been around in one form or another for quite some time, moving ahead of needle snipping devices to vaporise the needle shaft in an electrical arc.

This approval raises some important questions. How do sharps users get the protection of a sharps engineered safety device, since the Sharps Terminator can accept only conventional protruding and uncovered needles?

Not the fault of the Sharps Terminator, but that does seem to be an open door to those employers who are not adequately protecting their staff with safer sharps devices.

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