Hospital Waste Management Practices and Environmental Problems

Hospital Waste Management Practices and Environmental Problems

PAPERBACK, 64 pages
Prod. # 9783639301526 (American edition)

“This rather expensive book (around £40.00) focuses on “enabling readers to critically evaluate the latest environmental issues and to apply that understanding to the risks associated with hospital waste management. Hospital waste management is an imperative environmental and public safety issue since the waste is infectious and may have other hazardous properties.

“The book explores the existing waste management practices in selected hospitals in Sri Lanka. It includes new monitoring data on waste composition, waste generation rates, capacity of waste treatment plants etc. Chemical analysis of heavy metal concentrations are also included for an understanding of the toxicity effects to the environment. Environmental risk assessment provides the information to make decisions to minimize the threat to human health and the environment, and to select, design and plan proper waste management systems for hospitals.

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