Sinotec autoclaves

Autoclaves are ubiquitous in the healthcare environment, and beyond in the management of infectious healthcare (clinical or medical) wastes. So, what is new with the Sinotec system?

Sinotec are making a noise about their devices, and I have to say it really does catch they eye. described, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, not as a clinical waste autoclave but rather as a “Medical Waste Fundamental Solution”!

So, what is different?  Firstly, the autoclave is available in a range of sizes and with differing capacities will be suitable for on-site installation in a range of healthcare establishments, from a small clinic to a larger hospital. The company claim massive volume and mass reductions thanks to the heating profile and aggressive post-sterilisation vacuum cycle. If it works reliably, as the manufacturers claim, the system will be of value and if the price is right there will no doubt be a market for this.

But there is more! The company offer, those presently with little detail, a post-sterilisation separator can process the shredded waste floc from the autoclave.  This claims to separate glass, metal and plastic but is that really necessary or cost effective?

Strangely, in all their material the word autoclave is not used. Instead, it’s a Fundamental Solution. But whatever it’s called, the addition of a small downstream separator makes it rather more attractive, especially for larger installations where the throughput of waste is large. Whether the market for recovered glass, metal and plastic will go anywhere to meet the capital cost if debatable, but its an interesting option.

Perhaps this is one to watch?




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