Medical waste incinerator violates human rights

In an astonishing claim made by The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), it has been decreed that EnviroServ’s regional medical waste incineration facility in Bloemfontein compromises community members’ right to a clean environment.

The concept of human rights has a lot to answer for, and much that is commendable.

How about the pollutant effects of cigarette smoke, other emissions to air and water, how about vehicle exhausts? Do they not all pollute our atmosphere and compromise good health?

There may be something not right with this incinerator, and if so that must be dealt with efficiently and effectively.  The report identifies residents’ complaints that the company’s incinerator has been billowing out large volumes of smoke during the day and night for the past two years. As a result, the air in the area is polluted, affecting the health of residents in the area.

But I would have though that, in South Africa in particular, there are far more human rights issues to worry about than this.  Surely, this is a matter for environment and/or waste regulation rather than Human Rights?




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