Sharps injury – it’s not just humans

Needle with drop of bloodWe are all concerned about the risk of sharps or needlestick injury, with the health & safety implications of bloodborne virus and other pathogen transmission, infection and psychological injury, and perhaps a hefty personal injury claim.

But it’s not only we humans who suffer sharps injury from drug litter and discarded needles. Pets too can have problems if the chance to step on a discarded needle and dog owners are being warned to be on their guard for discarded needles in fields.

11-23-12 (2)A Whitley Bay lady had been walking her Golden Retriever Bruin through Churchill Playing Fields in Whitley Bay on Good Friday when he stepped on a hypodermic needle, which went into the pad on his paw.

“I contacted the police and they are coming to collect it, and then raise the issue at a forthcoming forum meeting to warn people of the potential danger. ”She was able to get him to a vets where he was given an injection and antibiotics, but was left with a £112 bill.

Now she is warning others to be on their guard. “Bruin started limping with his paw in the air and his toes curled under.

“I thought it was a golf tee or a rawlplug, but when I started to pull it out, I was shocked to see it was a needle.

She added: “Bruin has been sick a couple of times but now he seems fine.

“I’m now avoiding the field, and taking him in the opposite direction for his walks.

“There is anti-social behaviour in the area at the minute anyway.”

Get well soon, Bruin.




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