Managing IV drug abuse and discarded sharps risk

A WARNING notice has been put up at public toilets after drug users started leaving needles in cubicles.

The problem in the toilets behind Buckley Library, which are regularly used by children and elderly people, has prompted Buckley Town Council to put up the notice warning people of the dangers posed by drug paraphernalia.

Council clerk Martin Wright said cleaners were finding needles in cubicles every day for a period a few weeks ago.

The public warning pinned to the entrance door also says the toilets have recently been vandalised.

If there is a problem, blue light illumination is  good start to make the environment unfavourable for injection, and perhaps a secure and properly managed sharps bin too.


A warning notice pinned to the door seems insufficient, driving away legitimate users to create a near derelict and abandoned environment for IV drug users.

That would be counter productive.



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