Demolizer II

News of the Demolizer® II, a desktop waste sterilizer based on dry heat sterilization in a sealed collecton box, combined with plastic encapsulation of sharps, suggests that sales are high in the US.

Perhaps suitable for small GP offices & clinics, dental surgeries etc, the Demolizer® II is claimed to permity easy, low cost disposal of treatment residues – just throw away the heated sealed bin in the trash.

Claiming to eliminate up to 100% of biomedical waste hauling costs the makers slightly miss the point since the bulky single-use collection and treatment bins are bulky in delivery, storage and disposal, with that considerable bulk adding costs to the price of disposal and skewing the claims made for haulage costs.

Notwithstanding, the device looks promising. Developments of this kind must be applauded since smalls are notoriously costly and an area where safety and performance standards frequently fall below an acceptable level.

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