Waste from Ebola-exposed patient incinerated at remote location

Waste from Ebola-exposed patient incinerated at Fort Detrick, USA.

“An official with the union that represents workers at Maryland’s Fort Detrick said he’s troubled by the lack of details provided by officials about medical waste from an Ebola-exposed patient that was incinerated at the installation.

“The Frederick News-Post reports that medical waste generated by the treatment of an Ebola-exposed patient at the National Institutes of Health was incinerated at Fort Detrick last month. An installation spokeswoman said the waste was not infectious and had been processed through a sterilization device before being taken to the fort.

“But union business representative Rick Compher said garrison leadership did not provide details about the waste to the union. He said the union was only told ‘hazardous material’ was coming and not told when or where it came from.


Mixed messages here, with accusations and denials, and an undertow of fear and mistrust. Whatever the reality of this situation, is treatment of these wastes close to their point of arising , as discussed recently on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, is surely the safe and easy and reliable way forward?


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