Source segregation, Lahore-style

All credit to those involved in the delivery of healthcare waste training in Lahore. Addressing a two-day training workshop on hospital waste management for health managers, nurses and sanitary inspectors of government hospitals, Adviser to the CM on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique said that hospital waste was causing dangerous diseases. He said all stakeholders should adopt a consolidated strategy for tackling with the problem.

The photo shows source segregation Lahore-style. With critical shortages of funds and a greater importance on recovery of material resources, this is about as good as it gets. The latex gloves are a great leap forward as previously not gloves would have been used, or expected to be used. They simply would not have been available, and would cost far too much.

Soap and water will be in short supply, or non-existent. Training is just beginning, though training, supervision and support of those working further along the disposal change is unlikely to exist.

But its a start, and an important start, to introduce training like this even where the circumstances are so poor and the challenge faced by trainers so great.

Good luck to them all, their work is invaluable.




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