Further drug abuse in sports and gymnasia

It is reported in today’s BMJ that there is a further increase in drug abuse found among some sportsmen and women, and those using gyms and bodybuilding facilities.

Steroid abuse is now rife in certain sections, to build muscle and promote what is seen as a ‘perfect’ body shape, and to enhance sexual ability (allegedly!).

Now the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen is being used to reduce breast overgrowth in those artificially pumped up and muscle-bound devotees.

Tamoxifen is a prescription-only medicine but it’s active substance is found in a specific ‘artificial supplement’ and a high purity product is now flooding the UK market. As popular as so many other legal highs, and as yet unregulated, this is causing all sorts of health problems in users. But it will also add to the troubles for those managing waste disposal from gyms and sports clubs. Sharps use is at an all time high and many gym operators now have sharps bins mounted in their toilets. These will inevitably contain much drug residue, be it a POM or an illegally imported and unregistered POM-equivalent. And now yet more of these pharmacologically active herbal supplements.

Tamoxifen, a selective oestrogen receptor modulator, is not quite a cytotoxic drug substance though it has many similar properties and should be handled, and disposed, with great care.



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