Dangerous medical waste factory to move

“The Jeddah Mayoralty has approved the relocation of a Medical Materials Recycling Factory located in eastern Jeddah to a new Industrial Waste Factory in Bahra Area. The factory has been identified as a danger to the health of residents and the environment.
The factory has to be relocated because of the harm caused to the environment and the health of residents. Reports prepared by the concerned administrations of the mayoralty confirmed the danger and the need to take urgent action.


Strange that this ‘medical waste factory’ operation is described as recycling, but perhaps that is just a bit of editorial laxity. What is of obvious concern is simply moving an operation that is considered harmful to individuals and to the environment. That implies that the dangers are to be picked up and moved elsewhere, when the real need is to correct and properly manage the underlying management errors that create the risk and then to operate a safe and successful operation, wherever it may be.

Clinical waste management in the Middle East has lagged far behind Europe but is now moving fast, with good standards of operation and effective regulation. With huge population growth and vast investment in healthcare in teh region there are many investment and development opportunities to be had.

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