16-year-old finds hypodermic needle in Christmas present

A 16-year-old  US boy found a hypodermic needle in his Christmas present!

On Christmas morning, he put on a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt he’d just received as a gift; when he put his hands in the pockets, his finger was poked by a syringe.

There were two hypodermic needles inside the sweatshirt, which was purchased at the local Walmart store.

“He tried it on and a couple seconds later put his hands in his pockets and then he got poked with the needle,” his stepfather said. “Utter shock. Couldn’t believe it on Christmas morning that this would happen.”

“There was blood inside the body of the needle.”

They then took the teen to the emergency room for blood tests for HIV and hepatitis A, B and C. They spent hours at the hospital on Christmas, and the high school sophomore will have to undergo a series of tests for at least six months.

Isn’t this supposed to be the season of goodwill?




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