Accusations of healthcare waste dumping on old Braintree hospital site

Accusations have been raised of healthcare waste dumping on old Braintree hospital site.

“According to a nearby resident (how does he know?), dumped healthcare wastes are still buried on a disused hospital site. Braintree Council is investigating allegations of swabs, needles and medical waste bags at the disused William Julien Courtauld Hospital, in London Road, Braintree.

 William Julien Courtauld Hospital


“The concerns were raised by John Jemison, of Walnut Grove, at a meeting of Braintree Council’s planning committee last Tuesday when they approved a renewed application from developers to demolish the hospital and build 29 new homes on the site.


This is not an uncommon problem.

Three times previously I have dealt with closed and abandoned hospitals where wastes and waste equipment items, furniture items and other valuable resources had been left behind, not to await collection and reuse but scattered and smashed, thrown into piles, as if money didn’t matter. And amongst it all, clinical wastes, research and other chemicals, identifiable patient records, even pathology specimens in one instance.

Why do we take so little care?

It needs a careful search, to pick through every inch of the site and to identify every find, every signs, to deal with each of the wastes that may arise. Failure to do so will see demolition staff to walk off or not start the job, bringing the entire development plan to a grinding halt.

Blenkharn Environmental has experience in this type of work and can offer guidance and support. For others who might be tempted to get involved, be cautious, expect the unexpected, and have a good understanding of hospital activities, who does what, and how, what happens where, and get a copy of the site layout to identify wards and departments. That will help put together the pieces and understand how to proceed.




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