HTM 07-01 update now available

Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste has been updated (March 2013) and is now available on the Gov.UK website.

Interesting perhaps that this ever more bloated document if not on Gov.UK, the successor of DirectGov, having been passed from The Department of Health and Environment Agency web sites, and latterly the Space for Health site.

Gov.UK seems an entirely sensible home for HTM 07:01, but I wonder, is it becoming something of an embarrassment?





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  1. Well, it’s an update that isn’t an update! Is that an undate?

    The Department of Health have given an assurance that this ‘new version’ of HTM 07-01 contains no substantive change from the earlier version. There are no technical changes from Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Version 2.0. It has just been published in a clearer PDF format, with a lot less white space.

    The version you should be using can be found at However, if you have a printed version of Safe Management of Healthcare Waste this will have the same content so it will not be necessary to reprint.

    In the short term the link above is to the most current version. There really are no changes to the core content other than figures are now embedded in the text and there is a new executive summary, though it does look and feel quite different as the formatting has changed significantly.


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