Putting a smile on children’s faces

Most news these days would suggest that any thought of putting a smile on children’s faces would end with a visit from the local constabulary. But at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, matters are somewhat different.

There are many people working in children’s wards and specialist children’s hospital including play leaders and others whose task it is to ease the stress of hospitalisation. Others can help, even putting a smile on the faces of stressed parents and siblings, but the contribution from ancillary and support staff is often nominal, and almost always unseen.

In Pittsburg, it is quite the opposite. Window cleaners dressed up as superheros as they washed the windows. Spiderman, Batman, Captain America and  Superman’s mission for the day was to cheer up the patients at the Children’s  Hospital of Pittsburgh as they did their window cleaning rounds. No doubt all eyes were turned towards the windows, with no doubt a great many smiles and a some moments thought away from ill-health.

Three cheers to all of those in planning this event, and  especially to the superheros themselves.












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