An Olympic shame?

The Olympics are upon us. As one who lives in London, I can’t say for one moment that I’m looking forward to the unprecedented level of disruption that is will cause, but Hey Ho!

Drugs in sport is a constant and seemingly widespread problem, even at the highest level. Though much is done to impose stringent regulation and random drug testing, plus drug testing for all medalists, will this be enough?

The testing regimen and first aid requirements for competitors, for the spectators and officials, and for all of the hangers-on, will generate some drug and sharps waste but we might expect that this would be small in quantity.

So, comparing the incidence of sharps use in high street gyms where this has become so accepted that sharps bins can be found in the toilets of many establishments, will sharps be found at the Olympic sites? It’s a bit of a give away, and I suppose that those who are intent on cheating will have taken drugs long before, in the run-up to competition rather than on the day.

But is does beg the question, are there any sharps bins provided in the Olympic village(s) and will they be found to have been used during the competition? That would truely be an Olympic shame.


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