Taking work home with you?

Many waste handlers and ancillary workers inadvertently take their work home with them, on contaminated shoes and on dirty clothing. And now, it seems, so do microbiologists!

Well, at least one microbiologist is guilty of taking his/her work home.

“Vials of E coli bacteria which were found in the fridge of an apartment have been safely removed, authorities have confirmed.

“Marked ‘E coli‘, the 25 containers were found in a foam box inside the refrigerator by a maintenance man cleaning out the unit in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

“Officials from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were called in and the Arkansas National Guard hazardous material crew spent most of Friday afternoon and night safely removing the bacteria from the apartment.

In typical US manner, the response seems to have been rather over-the-top but there is no need to deal with these unexpected finds in a careless or casual manner, just in case.

No doubt the whole lot will be consigned to a yellow sack, red in US, for safe disposal via autoclave treatment. However, there will first be a detailed investigation and no doubt somebody will be in serious trouble.





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