Clinical and Sharps Waste Management 2023

A Tender Notice by NHS SUPPLY CHAIN

Type – Framework (Goods)
Duration – 35.5 month
Value – £70M
Sector – HEALTH
Published – 12 Oct 2022
Delivery – To 06 Nov 2025 (est.)
Deadline – 22 Nov 2022 15:00

Clinical and Sharps Waste Management covers the disposal of all sharps and non-sharp medical waste. This includes waste containers such as polypropylene based sharps and non-sharps containers, board-based containers and swab holders as well as sharps management products such as sharps pads, sharps boxes and blade removers. Precise quantities are unknown. It is anticipated that initial expenditure will be in the region of £16.5m to £18m in the first year of this Framework Agreement, however this is approximate only and the values may vary depending on the requirements of those bodies purchasing under the Framework Agreement.

More detail at Clinical and Sharps Waste Management [Tender Notice] (

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