Grundon rolls out sustainable clinical waste containers using recycled plastic

Grundon Waste Management is rolling out a new range of carbon-cutting clinical waste containers to help customers improve their sustainability credentials.

From April, it is swapping single-use clinical waste bins made from virgin plastic with ones made from responsibly-sourced post-consumer recycled plastic – a move that could potentially help customers cut their equivalent carbon footprint by up to 50 per cent a year.

As we drown under mountains of plastic wastes, what better innovation to add some recycled plastics to the manufacture of clinical waste bins.

It isn’t a new concept, some 25 or more years ago I floated the idea and started to investigate performance, reliability and cost. We considered that this might also be a suitable material for sharps bins and we’re planning to embark on the full range of performance testing, including the all important puncture resistance.

It might have gone well but for the intervention of a certain Environment Agency employee,at the time responsible for all clinical waste matters. In no time, we were told to stop. If we insisted,and continued with the evaluation  other aspects of our work would have difficulty in permitting. It was, in all respects, a crude threat, simply because it didn’t fit with the ideology of an Environment Agency employee.

The news now of Grundon’s success in this development of this worthwhile development is indeed heartwarming.

Good luck!


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