‘Appalling clinical waste’ dumped at South Belfast youth club

A local councillor has condemned the dumping of “clinical waste” outside of a popular youth club in South Belfast. On Sunday, a number of bags of rubbish which appeared to contain clinical waste, were found dumped at the entrance to Rosario Youth Club on the Ormeau Road.

The youth club issued a statement on social media describing the dumping as “vile and disgusted” and praised a local community worker who helped to quickly clear the mess.

It said: “Absolutely vile and disgusting! Big thanks and well done to Mark Jones for spotting and sorting. No excuse for this type of behaviour within our community.”

But look at the photo, and look carefully. This has all the signs of innocuous wrapping materials removed from items of clinical supplies such as dressings, syringes and whatever. But it is NOT, as far as we can see, clinical waste.

This is a mistake that has been made many times, by council environmental and waste control staff who raise the alarm and, whenever possible, seek prosecution. One such case toward the end of last year netted a £1,550 file in the Magistrates court after a somewhat misguided guilty plea. That was terribly unfair but the defendant was hoping for much less and to save costs on solicitors and on an Expert Witness to speak on their behalf.

What a pity.

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and surprisingly, in Kuwait News with the slightly muddled headline
“Terrible Clinical Waste” Thrown Out in Terrible Youth Club in South Belfast”

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