Stericycle and UPS aim to solve logistic issues for medical waste

Stericycle and UPS Healthcare have entered a partnership to manage the reverse logistics of medical waste.

As a result of the partnership, the transportation, treatment, and disposal of a number of medical waste types including biohazardous, sharps, and pharmaceutical wastes will be transported, treated and disposed of. Types of waste depend upon what is generated, but can include swabs, sharps, gauze, and, in some cases, personal protective equipment (PPE), according to the companies.

More at:Stericycle and UPS Partnership Aims to Solve Logistic Issues (

This is a great idea the one that should offer environmental, practical and financial advantages to all of those who are involved including producers. But as always what goes around comes around – I remember floating the idea of this type of arrangement for the UK to be trialled in Cornwall a limited number of areas in Wales, in Cumbria and in much of Scotland including the highlands and islands.

Sadly, at the time the idea was shot down in flames but Environment Agency who couldn’t accept the possibility of change that did not come from their own ideas. Oh well, that’s 15 years gone by but perhaps one day this will see the light here in UK.


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