New life for blue wrap?

An Asheville nurse is using leftover medical blue wrap material to help the homeless.

Every day, cloth wrapping is used to keep medical instruments sterile before use. At the end of the day, that material was simply tossed in the trash and headed for the dump. That is until nurse Lisa Clark and hr colleagues discovered others in the industry were using the material to help the homeless. “I saw that there was a hospital system in Orlando that was making sleeping bags,” says Lisa.

Lisa takes that durable, waterproof medical material and puts her seamstress skills to work. So far, she’s made 84 sleeping bags and distributed them to local organizations including ABCCM, BeLoved Asheville, Homeward Bound and Aura Home for Women Veterans.

“People are using these as sleeping bags, and what they’re doing is they are putting their own sleeping bag inside of it or their own clothes inside of it to keep everything clean and dry,” says Lisa.

The material is also being used to make pillows with the help of a neighbor, a volunteer at the hospital and another person in Morganton, all pitching in to make it happen.

What an absolutely wonderful initiative. Congratulations to all.


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