Plans for medical waste incinerator in Kilmarnock scrapped

Plans to build a medical waste incinerator in Kilmarnock have been scrapped.

Waste Energy Partners wanted to launch the facility, which would have also burned hazardous waste, in the Moorfield Industrial Park, near Braehead Foods.

A number of people were unhappy at the plant potentially being built near to the Moorfield housing estate.

A consultancy firm behind the bid said the proposal was being dropped because of commercial reasons.

Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP Alan Brown wrote to residents on the estate following the Standard’s story in July, saying the location was unsuitable for the project.

Mr Brown said: “I am delighted to hear the developer has dropped interest in the waste incinerator proposed for Moorfield Industrial Estate. “A number of constituents got in touch with me raising their concerns of the site and the effect it could have on the area.

“I fully understand and agree with the valid concerns raised.

“Given the close proximity of housing and the Braehead Foods facility, I didn’t think this was a suitable location for a waste energy plant.

“Of course, I understand the need for careful and appropriate disposal of medical waste.

“However, that doesn’t mean building more incinerators.”  …… Oh yes it doesask Glasgow about that!

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