Elastec portable incinerators

Interesting news from the US company Elastec, who offer a number of different portable incinerators* intended for modest volumes of clinical wastes and pharma waste respectively.

The company produce the Mediburn Incinerator which has been used in the fight against Ebola. The Drug Terminator line of incinerators have helped law enforcement and take-back programs destroy thousands of pounds of collected drugs. The SmartAsh is a small incinerator that is portable and ideal for incinerating waste in remote locations. Our line of incinerator equipment is safe, efficient and easy to use. They also manufacture a drop-off box for drug take-back programs.

It is impressive to offer a solution tested in the Ebola situation though the temperatures required to make those particular wastes safe are quite modest. Likewise the drugs terminator. However, the temperatures of operation and pollution control provision is not specified and its probably better to consider these devices as small furnaces(*) rather than incinerators.

These will be of use in small scattered communities out in the wilderness – and in that context we mean neither Scotland nor Cornwall – in aid provision activities in developing countries, and perhaps for the military etc.

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