Used needles ‘overflowing onto floor’ in public toilet

Secure sharps bins in public and other toilets have become rather common in the last 5-10 years, though there is still much indignation and complaint from the moral majority who oppose ‘pandering’ to addicts. But secure sharps bins are only as good as the maintenance plan that supports their installation.Used needles were found strewn across the floor of a public toilet after sharps bins were left unlocked.

Shock has been expressed after yellow bins, which should allow drug users to safely dispose of needles, were left wide open in the public loos on Garth Road in Bangor.

A shopper from Caernarfon said he was disgusted by what he saw. “It was pretty shocking. I wanted to go to the toilet but there were heroin needles all over the floor.”

“It was disgusting and it has been like that for a couple of weeks. “It is like that in all three of the toilets.”

Mr Roberts said he had been in the toilets a few times in recent weeks and that it was in a similar state every time.

He said: “It is just disgusting and they have not done anything about it.

“It is normally locked and they have a key on them but they have left them open.


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