Creating hazards

I am astonished to find an [apparently] UK website offering balers for the compaction of clinical wastes! offer balers for clinical wastes from dentists, chiropadists [sic], veterinary surgeries, medical centres and nursing/residential homes, and in a separate section of the site propose also that these may be used for reserach laboratory clinical waste disposal.

The rationale is that hazardous wastes are expensive to dispose, and that compaction will reduce those disposal costs.

That is not the case, since to my knowledge all operators charge per tonne. For smaller collections, charges per container may apply though these charges would escalate considerably if containers were changed and weight per unit volume ratios increased. The rationale of cost saving thus seems at be spurious, probably totally unfounded and misleading.

The site has no information about containment and the mechanisms to contain free fluids, aerosols etc, how the device may be sanitised, and what arrangements might be applicable for service for repair if this becomes necessary.

Is the process approved and authorised? Is it safe? What happens to the compacted waste as it is removed for treatment, and are the containers into which it is compressed and compacted UN approved? It seems dangerous, and a considerable risk to users. I doubt it would ever be compliant with relevant waste regulation, environmental or health and safety legislation.

Too many questions to consider, for what is a very disturbing proposal. Strangely, the site links to Initial as a typical contractor able to collect, remove and disposal of clinical wastes. However, that link may be created without the approval of Initial and that company may not – I hope not – propose or recommend compaction of untreated clinical wastes.

Make your own mind up, at Strangely, the site is registered in the US, though it includes UK in its name and this must raise the index of suspicion. Is this a genuine site seriously proposing compactors for raw clinical wastes? Surely not.

To me, it loooks like a scam site.

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