HES ‘scandal’ – what next?

Two newspaper reports caught my eye today. The first, from the Daily Mirror of course calls this the NHS body parts fiasco, but then manages to go further, linking this to a chance observation of hospital porters stacking [tiger stripe] waste sacks in Biffa shipping containers.

Not a problem, despite the Mirror’s claim of a ‘Toxic Timebomb’, though I wonder what will become of that container after it has been emptied? Never again used to ship clothing to M&S, or food to Tesco I hope.



The second noteworthy news report was from the Scottish Daily Record, who also claim a Toxic Timebomb!

They show some rather eye-catching pictures though probably we have all seen worse though open storage outside their building is unacceptable (right) just as it is to store wastes in an unsecured corner of a hospital carpark.

What do the Environment Agency do all day?  They certainly do not manage the standards that they set in their licence conditions.



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