Discarded needles won’t “jump out and bite you”

In a comment that perhaps rates as the most arrogant and ill-advised comment ever made regarding sharps safety, health ‘officials’ are urging Londoners to become more educated about discarded needles and drug addiction.

Oblivious to the fear and loathing of needles, the risk of accidents, the particular risks to children, and the frequency with which discarded needles are hidden in locations likely to injury the innocent and unwary, this was an astonishingly stupid statement.

Of course, needles don’t jump, but that alone doesn’t negate the considerable and varied problems that might arise. Beyond infection risks and fear, there are frequent crime-related problems, lowering of property values and the inexorable decline in social standards that can cause.

But never mind all that, needles don’t jump! Tell that also to the low-paid workers who have the task of clearing up the mess of discarded needles and risk occupational injury.

IVDUs need help. A lot of help. However, telling the public and others that discarded needles will not cause harm is grossly irresponsible and highly unprofessional.


Something easily disposable is not going to jump out and bite you.
Dr. Chris Mackie

That is, in some ways, not incorrect. However, though used syringes and needles are easily disposed so other they are carelessly discarded, or worse, and it is then that the problems escalate.




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