Gangrene energy?

It’s an hilarious headline. Describing “Fury at plan to burn BODY PARTS and medical waste to power hundreds of homes”, the Daily Mail is calling the planned power output Gangrene Energy.

They go on, to claim “Residents in a small Sussex town have expressed fury at plans to power hundreds of homes by burning ‘body parts and organs including blood bags’.

The plans to convert medical waste such as bandages, blood products and nappies into clean energy has alarmed residents who fear the process could lead to an over industrialisation of the town and cause air pollution.

MediPower is seeking permission to build an incinerator in Newhaven which will convert 1,200 tonnes of medical waste and turn it into electricity.

Local businessman Michael Burns, 62, the brains behind the idea, has claimed he has a ‘lead on the world’ in creating clean energy from a combination of plastic and biomass.”

Nothing wrong with this at all, through the Environment Agency have avoided the issue for years and are still dithering on the issue.

I have previously recommended fast-tracking healthcare wastes through a municipal waste to energy incinerator, with good success. I have also proposed placing specific tissue wastes into a State-operated cremator. That received surprisingly vehement opposition from the region’s Bishop who considered it to be sacrilegious, and continued to wail until it was pointed out that the facility was shared by people of all religious, and none, and was operated by the State government and not by the Christians!

See also the Daily Telegraph report


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