Down on the farm – needlestick is a real risk

Within agricultural production a good share of livestock producers perform routine veterinary work themselves. This includes administering vaccinations or treatments for common disease or sickness.

A result of performing this type of work there is increased risk for injury do to a needle stick injury. According to the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH), needlestick injury research shows that over 80% of farm workers and 73% of swine veterinarians working in animal agriculture have accidentally stuck themselves with a needle.

On the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, we have mentioned the risk of sharps or needle stick injuries in farming and veterinary work on several occasions. It is a real risk but too often overlooked, not least that down on the farm it is common to dose a whole herd of animals with a single needle and piston syringe. Complacency results also in a casual approach to disposal.

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