What do they know?

Finding out what the competition is doing, what producers are currently paying for waste disposal, and when their contract expires, is invaluable information for those working to generate new business.

Kerry Bennett (?) is doing a sterling job using Freedom of Information requests to an array of NHS Trusts, asking:

Question No. 1

  • Date of the next tender for the Collection and Disposal of clinical and offensive waste and the portal to be used

Question No. 2

  • Also a copy of the previous successful tender for the collection and disposal of Clinical Waste or the below information:
  • Contract term 3 + 2 years
  • Contract Expiry date
  • Tonnage/volume for clinical waste
  • Contract Value

I wonder what answers will be provided? It would seem appropriate, since the request is in the public domain, that the answer too would be made available to all. That truly is Freedom of Information and in the spirit of open competition – the answers are all there.



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