Patient (employee) confidentiality?

As healthcare professionals areNeedle with drop of blood aware, patient confidentiality is an essential obligation that cannot and must not be circumvented. But what about employees?

An injury. An entry to the accident book. Summary investigations and reports. Perhaps some management interventions to make sure that what happened to Fred does not happen to anybody else.

So, what to do when the incident is a sharps injury and Fred is now being followed for sero-conversion with any one of several bloodborne viruses, or requires treatment for the psychological trauma that so often follows sharps injury? Possible Hep C, Hep B or HIV infections are not to be broadcast to all and sundry. Neither are associated mental health issues.

Take care with sharps and work hard to ensure prevention. And if the worst should happen, take great care to maintain employee confidentiality since any breach of confidentiality is unacceptable. Moreover, it may add to the level of compensation claimed, and rightly so.





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