Dengue fever is a nasty business. Caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitos, most people with Dengue recover without any lasting problems. The mortality rate is around 1–5% even […]

Bit of a panic, mainly in the press at present, about an interesting paper in Environmental Health Perspectives entitled “Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Detected at Four U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants”. As […]

Revision to legislation in the US State of New Jersey will prohibit health care institutions from discharging prescription medications into sewer or septic systems. How that will happen is pretty straightforward […]

The need to clean up hospital wastewater is now well-recognised. It is rich in the pharmaceutical residues excreted by the patient population, together with a diversity of chemicals such as cleaning […]

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer have offered a drug disposal guide but for registered customers only. Pfizer is the first pharmaceutical company to make this resource available to health care professionals to […]

People in the United States took more prescription drugs than ever last year, with the number of prescriptions increasing from 3.99 billion (with a cost of $308.6 billion) in 2010 to […]

There is substantial evidence to suggest that the majority of the UK will face drought conditions in the year ahead. Even though the water companies have at last done something about […]

Well, the song was good, but the Schlitz beer that made Milwaukee famous was undoubtedly preferable to a day spent on Milwaukees Lake Michigan beaches! Environmental groups report, once again, substantial […]

The use of drugs in farm animals is strictly controlled to prevent the appearance of drug residues in foods for human consumption. Quite rightly, that does not eliminate the use […]