Alongside the revelation of radioactive wastes of hospital origin having been deposited in N Ireland landfill, and the many incidents and irregularities in clinical waste disposal South of the border, […]

Saskatoon green initiative fades

Green initiatives in hospital practice can make valuable contributions, to the environment and to environmental protection, and to cost containment. But it can also increase costs and we, as a […]

Producer pays waste charges?

The producer pays principle is well known and well-established. However, when and how do payments arise? Householders pay for waste disposal though their community charge payments, now with addition levies […]

Today, I stumbled upon an iPhone and iPad App that offered guidance on health and safety in the social care sector. With some authority, the App presents a well-structured short guide […]

The press are today full of comment about hospital hotels, a new – at least new to the UK – initiative to use hotels as a half-way house for patients […]