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It is now 9 months or so since a Northern Ireland hospital worker who suffered a sharps injury while handling a bag of clinical waste and feared life-threatening infection will be […]

We have previously discussed the wide diversity of infections that can be transmitted by sharps or needlestick injury. Last updated: Sunday, October 13, 2019

An artist in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India is making a name for herself ‘painting’ with hospital waste. Using caps from various vials and bottle caps etc, to assemble collages, this […]

Managing incontinence waste is a vast problem, and predictably on for which there is generally little care. It’s a waste stream that needs to be shifted, let’s get on with […]

The New England Journal of Medicine last week carries a wonderful Perspective piece (Shrank WH. Our Bulging Medicine Cabinets – the other side of medication nonadherence. N Engl J Med […]

I have been writing in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum for just a little over 5 years now, and I had a glance at a few old posts over the weekend. […]

“Terrified mum-of-four has warned others to be alert after a discarded hypodermic needle got stuck in her hand while she was gardening. ” The woman, who wished to remain anonymous but […]

Sharps bins are attractive to addicts. They contain needles and syringes, and where drug disposal is less good may contain narcotic analgesics and other controlled drugs conveniently drawn up in […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has repeatedly commented on the risks associated with and underlying causes of a deadly trade in used items of clinical (medical) waste. Last updated: Wednesday, […]

The management of clinical wastes in Malta has a long and troubled history. An old and heavily polluting hospital incinerator was used far past its use-by date, in direct contravention of EU […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has been pleased to provide information about the work of InterCare and their efforts to proved medical aid for Africa from unused medical items and pharmaceuticals […]

HTM 07-01 recommends extensive segregation of waste and in their turn the Environment Agency expects that it will happen and penalises waste management operators if it doesn’t. That regulatory stance […]

GP magazine has used FOI requests to confirm that of two thirds of Primary Care Trusts, 31% were paying for patients to use the highly-diluted homeopathic remedies despite evidence that these have no […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has discussed on many occasions the disposal of sharps using a postal return service (see Archive files). Last updated: Sunday, August 8, 2021

Discarded sharps

There are several legal and paralegal firms in the UK now getting wise to the high rate of sharps injury to healthcare professionals and others. They offer low-cost or no-win […]