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Sharp eyed visitors will notice a new Ask for Evidence link on our home page. Blenkharn Environmental is pleased to support the Ask for Evidence campaign of Sense about Science. As […]

Medicine drop boxes may be a practical option for the disposal of unwanted medicinal products. Sited in convenient locations, they would receive prescription and non-prescription products removing wastes accumulating in […]

Scotland’s GPs are complaining that the free prescription policy in Scotland puts on them extra pressure with patients wanting their free prescription for this, that and the other. Last updated: […]

A miscarriage is always a tragedy and our hearts will go out to those involved. However, it is an inevitable consequence that miscarriage results in a disposal requirement that may be […]

The proposed US Pharmaceutical Stewardship Act of 2011 (HR 2939) would “set up a nonprofit corporation financed by pharmaceutical producers which would be responsible for establishing comprehensive drug take-back programs […]

On the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum, we have repeatedly made reference to the local and regional collection schemes for hazardous household waste that collect from householders sharps waste, some clinical […]

Advertising flimflam is usually quite obvious. Bold and exaggerated claims and highly selective quotes clipped out of context are usually easy to spot. The law says much about the use […]

Quite rightly, there is great concern about the presence of trace concentrations of certain  – and realistically, about the presence of any – pharmaceuticals in drinking water. Taking the broader […]

High visibility workwear is ubiquitous across the waste industries and indeed just about everywhere else, but how did it originate? The high-visibility vest arrived in Britain almost five decades ago. Last […]

“Almost 200 staff suffered injuries from contaminated needles or sharp medical instruments at the region’s main hospitals in just 12 months. “Hull And East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust said 197 […]

Resomation, the solubilisation of tissues in a heated potassium hydroxide solution, is the subject of  a substantial PR campaign aimed at gaining public acceptance and regulatory approval for the disposal of […]

Tissue waste disposal is a sometimes difficult issue, since patients may have their own view on disposal, perhaps of an amputated limb, or of a placenta, than do healthcare professionals. Last […]

Drug residues present and persisting in natural water is an effective marker for a potentially serious adverse environmental effect. A series of recent studies suggests that pharmaceutical factories are not […]

This issues surrounding the breaches at  Peak Pet Cremations and the jailing four months of its owner Emma Bent have been described previously in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. Last […]

Northampton General Hospital claims savings of around £20,000 on clinical waste disposal through their initiatives to drive enhanced source segregation and exclude inapproriate items into clinical waste containers. “We’ve asked […]

An earlier Clinical Waste Discussion Forum newsletter had included a Word Search of Waste that proved to be very popular. So, after several requests and reminders we have created another one. […]