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Though it would be unthinkable to wish a sharps or needlestick injury on anyone, there is just a hint of poetic justice in the report from the Exeter Express and […]

A mum has spoken of her disgust after finding a used needle and splattered blood in an Aberdeen fast food restaurant. She found the needle, a lighter, and blood on […]

8-year-old stuck by hypodermic needle found on school playground Ethan Gurr likes to collect “treasures,” according to his mom, but the 8-year-old’s latest find has doctors testing Ethan’s blood to […]

There are now two British healthcare team members repatriated from Sierra Leone having suffered sharps or needlestick incidents while caring for patients in the Ebola outbreak there. Above all, we […]

A thief has been jailed for four years after he grappled with the security guard at a Middlesbrough supermarket. As a result of the incident, a supermarket security guard is still […]