Tiger at Boots + 4 days

Tiger stripe bags left outside a London branch of Boots the Chemist in the early morning of 21st April were not only still there today, 26th April, a full 4 […]

Blenkharn Environmental has considerable experience in the audit and assessment of biosafety and hygiene precautions for waste handlers. Embracing safety enhancements for all of those involved in the generation of a diverse range […]

The environmental impact of pharmaceutical waste is rightly a matter of concern, even if some individuals within the Environment Agency are using those concerns as an excuse or tool to […]

The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi, has announced the official opening of four facilities in Al Ain, including: Clinical Waste Incinerator Fallen Stock Incinerator Sanitary Landfill Crushing Plant Facility Last […]

“Dr George Mukhari hospital in Ga-Rankuwa resembles the set of a cheap horror movie. Monkeys stealing food out of patients hands, stray cats eating medical waste that has been tossed […]

A facility that purports to help the environment by recycling could really be hurting it. The US Environmental Protection Agency has a ‘laundry list’ of concerns with the Mother Earth Recycling Center […]

Bold statements from Honolulu that medical waste washed out of a defective coastal landfill site to contaminate the ocean, now washing up on shore, presents no risk of infection. Last […]

San Francisco’s city leaders are poised to pass an ordinance requiring name-brand drug manufacturers to pay for collection and disposal of unused prescription medicines to curb prescription misuse and environmental impacts. […]