The impact of pharmaceutical residues in water is largely unknown and though the evidence base is slowly growing this is somewhat piecemeal. It remains clear that the key problem is […]

It is something of a puzzle that companies managing clinical wastes don’t extend their services to clients by offering to dispose also of confidential paper waste. While for the larger […]

Supporting effective disposal of pharmaceutical wastes from communities makes a substantial contribution to minimising environmental pollution secondary to disposal via sewer and the survival of pharmaceutical residues in wastewater treatment […]

Drug residues present and persisting in natural water is an effective marker for a potentially serious adverse environmental effect. A series of recent studies suggests that pharmaceutical factories are not […]

Love Clean Streets

http://www.lovecleanstreets.com is a new and increasingly popular web-based service whereby individuals can report street scene defects, dumped  litter, fly-posing and other issues to the appropriate local government department. Last updated: Thursday, […]

Apparently, the funeral industry is the second biggest source of pollution after fossil fuel fired power stations, but an alternative to cremation could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. Last updated: […]

The Hospital Infection Society is presently reviewing the penultimate draft of its guidance document “Guidelines for the Management of Norovirus Outbreaks in Acute and Community Health and Social Care Settings”. […]

“Normanton has become a “dumping ground” for Yorkshire’s waste”. So says ‘environmentalists’ after plans for a new recycling centre that will employ up to 150 people, were approved yesterday, becoming […]

The estimated rate of BBV transmission after sharps injury is widely publicised. For Hepatitis B Virus infections the risk is around 30%, for Hepatitis C 3% and for HIV infections around 0.3% risk. […]

Correct glove use and associated hand hygiene are undoubtedly primary health and safety issues for all of those working right across the waste industries, and for those handling clinical and […]

Sharps waste recycling, and indeed recycling of materials including ATT-processed plastics, latex and metals from non-sharps waste must be an environmentally sound option when compared with incineration alone. It is […]

A new and highly innovative product from Martin Azua offers a green twist to cremation. Despite the increasing popularity of green funerals, cremation is still the primary route for disposal of […]