The Hospital Infection Society is presently reviewing the penultimate draft of its guidance document “Guidelines for the Management of Norovirus Outbreaks in Acute and Community Health and Social Care Settings”. […]

The estimated rate of BBV transmission after sharps injury is widely publicised. For Hepatitis B Virus infections the risk is around 30%, for Hepatitis C 3% and for HIV infections around 0.3% risk. […]

Correct glove use and associated hand hygiene are undoubtedly primary health and safety issues for all of those working right across the waste industries, and for those handling clinical and […]

Syringe Pen

What is this? It looks genuine. Even the package looks convincing and seen in some general waste or on a picking line could bring things to a standstill. Last updated: […]

Hand rub dose

Alcohol hand rubs are widely used in healthcare and are finding their way into the catering and waste management sectors also. They are fast, convenient, simple to use and more […]

We have previously discussed the wide diversity of infections that can be transmitted by sharps or needlestick injury. Last updated: Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mortuaries and undertakers produce large volumes of clinical wastes. Much of this is liquid waste that would have previously been discharged to foul sewer, but with concerns about discharge of […]

“Terrified mum-of-four has warned others to be alert after a discarded hypodermic needle got stuck in her hand while she was gardening. ” The woman, who wished to remain anonymous but […]

Tiger at Boots + 4 days

Tiger stripe bags left outside a London branch of Boots the Chemist in the early morning of 21st April were not only still there today, 26th April, a full 4 […]

Blenkharn Environmental has considerable experience in the audit and assessment of biosafety and hygiene precautions for waste handlers. Embracing safety enhancements for all of those involved in the generation of a diverse range […]

Clinical waste sack lost in undergrowth

Collecting spilled or misplaced clinical wastes that may arise somewhere between producer and waste management contractor – perhaps that stray yellow or orange sack sitting on the highway forelornely awaiting collection, the bag blown […]

There is widespread misconception that sharps or needlestick infections are associated only with the bloodborne virus Hepatitis B and HIV, and that since no such infections have been recorded among waste […]

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever is a particularly nasty viral infection commonly transmitted to man by ticks. It has a sudden onset with high fever, chills, malaise, diffuse aches, photophobia, irritability and […]