sharps injury

Clinical waste is usually sent for disposal without delay and there is every chance that Roger Clemens, a US baseball pitcher otherwise known as “Rocket” wished that disposal was indeed prompt! […]

The estimated rate of BBV transmission after sharps injury is widely publicised. For Hepatitis B Virus infections the risk is around 30%, for Hepatitis C 3% and for HIV infections around 0.3% risk. […]

Sharps waste recycling, and indeed recycling of materials including ATT-processed plastics, latex and metals from non-sharps waste must be an environmentally sound option when compared with incineration alone. It is […]

Syringe Pen

What is this? It looks genuine. Even the package looks convincing and seen in some general waste or on a picking line could bring things to a standstill. Last updated: […]

Trypanophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles, sometimes referred to as aichmophobia, belonephobia, or enetophobia. Though the etymology is unclear, belonephobia refers more generally […]

It is now 9 months or so since a Northern Ireland hospital worker who suffered a sharps injury while handling a bag of clinical waste and feared life-threatening infection will be […]

We have previously discussed the wide diversity of infections that can be transmitted by sharps or needlestick injury. Last updated: Sunday, October 13, 2019

“Terrified mum-of-four has warned others to be alert after a discarded hypodermic needle got stuck in her hand while she was gardening. ” The woman, who wished to remain anonymous but […]

Local Authorities have a statutory obligation to collect discarded sharps and related hazardous waste items from public land. Audit of LA performance standardsidentifies a widely variable standard of operation, with some […]

Blenkharn Environmental has considerable experience in the audit and assessment of biosafety and hygiene precautions for waste handlers. Embracing safety enhancements for all of those involved in the generation of a diverse range […]

DIY tattoo kits are advertised extensively on the internet and there is evidence that many such kits, mainly originating from China, are being supplied in the UK. Last updated: Tuesday, […]

Clinical waste sack lost in undergrowth

Collecting spilled or misplaced clinical wastes that may arise somewhere between producer and waste management contractor – perhaps that stray yellow or orange sack sitting on the highway forelornely awaiting collection, the bag blown […]

The disposal of veterinary sharps is a complex but somewhat overlooked matter. Sharps generated by veterinary staff are rather straightforward and all vets should have access to sharps boxes and […]

There is widespread misconception that sharps or needlestick infections are associated only with the bloodborne virus Hepatitis B and HIV, and that since no such infections have been recorded among waste […]

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever is a particularly nasty viral infection commonly transmitted to man by ticks. It has a sudden onset with high fever, chills, malaise, diffuse aches, photophobia, irritability and […]